Dahn Al Oud Khaas Khaas

Dahn Al Oud Khaas Khaas

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Origin: India

Geographic location: North eastern part of India

Climate: Tropical monsoon Rainforest climate, Temperate and Humid

Rainfall: Very heavy rainfall with frequent Bordoicila thunderstorm.

This oil is extracted from the time kissed, aged INDIAN Agarwood tree called “Aquilaria khasiyana” is an intense creation. It is the one among the oldest form of fragrances in the perfume world Aged Indian agarwood. It is the hallmark of the fragrance with every drop encapsulated with rich vibrant oudy notes. It’s the oil that accentuates the warm earthiness of the most exquisite Indian oud. The bottle is housed in a dark brown coloured box with golden foil detailing.




























Dahn Al Oud Khaas Khaas
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