Dhukhoon Mahabbah

Dhukhoon Mahabbah


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A bottled music that plays the notes on string where the top note vibrates the string of bergamot that mixes and takes out black currant and tuberose, then it slightly comes to the second string where Jasmine and Ylang Ylang are ready to be played by the peach and at last the note of white musk meets Cedar Wood and takes amber and Vanilla to invite the Raspberry and the coconut for the ending note of the music in the guitar strings of MAHABBAH…!

MAHABBAH : A bottled music…!


Top : Bergamot – Pear – Orange – Ginger – Blackcurrant – Tuberose
Heart : Jasmine – Ylang Ylang – Orange blossom – Peach
Base : White musk – Cedar wood – Amber – Vanilla – Raspberry – Coconut

Dhukhoon Mahabbah
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