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Dahn Al Oud Seufi Super

Origin: Malaysia Geographic Location:Southeast Asia, with Peninsular Malaysia Climate : Equitorial, Hot and Humid (27-30 Degrees C) Rainfall: Equitorial and tropical rainfall averaging 250mm annually. Extracted from the Malaysian agarwood The oil itself says “High quality”, which is golden yellow in colour and matured for more than decade, Inspired by the glory of the Orients, […]

Dahn Al Oud Kadeem Super

Origin : Cambodia Geographic Locations : Southeast Asia, Bordering Thailand Gulf. Climate : Tropical Savannah Climate, , hot and humid in plains, wet and humid at coast. Rainfall : Heavy rainfall around easternmost binds with Southwest monsoon showers.   Dahn Al Oud Kadeem is distinguished by the weight and durability of the oud crumb. It’s […]

Dahn Al Oud Desire

Origin: India Geographic Location: North eastern Part of India Climate: Tropical monsoon rainforest climate. “Temperate and Humid” Rainfall: Very heavy rainfall with frequent bordoicila thunderstorm. The oil is extracted from the INDIAN Agarwood tree called “Aquilaria maleccensis”. It is a fragrance for kings and a true reflection of Arabian Splendor, The wood is carved little […]

Dahn Al Oud Khaas Khaas

Origin: India   This oil is extracted from the time kissed, aged INDIAN Agarwood tree called “Aquilaria khasiyana” is an intense creation. It is the one among the oldest form of fragrances in the perfume world Aged Indian agarwood. It is the hallmark of the fragrance with every drop encapsulated with rich vibrant oudy notes. […]

Oud vs. Agarwood: Unraveling the Mystique of Fragrant Wood

In the world of perfumery and aromatic treasures, two terms often interwoven yet distinct stand out: Oud and Agarwood. These fragrant woods, each with a rich history and unique olfactory profile, evoke a sense of mystique that captivates fragrance enthusiasts worldwide. Join us on a fragrant journey as we unravel the nuances and differences between […]


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