Dahn Al Oud Kadeem Super

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Origin : Cambodia

Geographic Locations : Southeast Asia, Bordering Thailand Gulf.

Climate : Tropical Savannah Climate, , hot and humid in plains, wet and humid at coast.

Rainfall : Heavy rainfall around easternmost binds with Southwest monsoon showers.


Dahn Al Oud Kadeem is distinguished by the weight and durability of the oud crumb.

It’s a Dahn Al Oud that traverse history and time, generations and legacies, to become almost immortal. Cambodian Dahn al Ouds are premium, pure, uncompromised, that will leave you wanting more.

The Cambodian Dahn Al Oud is the one that suffuses itself with a royal arrogance and yet innocent enough to be embraced as a child. One of our finest offerings with a heart comprised of pure Cambodian Dahn Al Oudh, the fragrance is aged and offers the wearer instant access into premium quality blends and speaks volumes of their social standing.